Can fermentation data help us get better results?

Download this FREE E-BOOK to learn key lessons gained from data-driven fermentation performance management – best practices that can help you solve problems and save time.

LEVERAGING DATA-DRIVEN FERMENTATION PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT explores, in detail, how fermentation performance data analysis helps elevate product and business outcomes in a modern brewery, whether brewpub, microbrewery or regional craft brewer. Presented by Precision Fermentation.

You will learn:

  • Day-by-day performance considerations – learned through the extensive examination of real-time fermentation tank data.
  • Key recommendations from the Precision Fermentation science team at each major step of fermentation – "Day zero" (i.e. before you pitch your yeast), the first 24 hours, and day two through the end of fermentation.
  • Best practices – Activity to watch out for, broken down by each key measurement – Dissolved oxygen, gravity, pH, pressure, internal/external temperature, and conductivity.
  • Key findings that can help you solve problems and improve your results.

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