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Podcast Episode 263: Bale Breaker Brewmaster Kevin Smith Lives the Hop Life

Bale Breaker’s location on the family hop farm, Loftus Ranches, offers proximity and access to hops of which many brewers could only dream. Brewmaster Kevin Smith shares perspective on brewing hop-forward beers, gleaned from decades growing up on—and now brewing on—the farm.

Podcast Episode 262: Eric, Claire, and Alex of CLS Farms Discuss the Past, Present, and Future of Hop Farming

Eric and Claire Desmarais, fourth and fifth generation hop farmers, and Alex Nowell, former director of brewing for Three Weavers and an advisor to CLS, dig into the recent evolution of hop farming, current harvest challenges, and tools that brewers can use to select better hops.

Podcast Episode 261: Hop Development Roundtable with Michael Ferguson and Jason Perrault of HBC

What does it take to propel a new hop variety from seed to field to brewers’ kettles? These two breeders for Yakima Chief Ranches and John I. Haas discuss the process behind hop breeding, from parentage and crosses through elite status.

Podcast Episode 260: Zach Turner of Single Hill is the Fresh Prince of Yakima

Ready to rodeo? With its immediate proximity to the bulk of American hop-growing—and the ability to drive to nearby farms at harvest time and see what’s freshly picked—Zach Turner and his team at Single Hill Brewing are perfecting fresh-hopped beers.

Podcast Episode 259: Gabe Fletcher of Anchorage Deals with the Devilish Details of Barrel-Aged Barleywine

The founder of the respected Alaskan brewery shares the creative and technical processes behind the groundbreaking barrel-aged barleywine, A Deal With the Devil.

Podcast Episode 258: Tom Shellhammer of Oregon State Finds Fertile Ground in the Terroir of Hops

His recent published study on hop terroir backs up what brewers have known anecdotally—that where a hop is grown can have significant impact in flavor and aroma. But just how much impact is possible, and what causes it?

Podcast Episode 257: West Coast Pilsner Roundtable with Firestone Walker, Highland Park, and Humble Sea

Gather ‘round: Sam Tierney of the Firestone Walker Propagator, Bob Kunz of Highland Park, and Nick Pavlina of Humble Sea discuss the technical and conceptual underpinnings of dry-hopped pilsner, West Coast–style.

Podcast Episode 256: Tom Riley and Dane Volek of Anchor Open Up About Steam Beer and Open Fermentation

Anchor’s storied past and pivotal role in American beer inform every brewing decision the company makes today, and while some things change, the brewing leadership at Anchor is committed to steam beer in theory and in practice.

Podcast Episode 255: John Harris of Ecliptic Has Learned the Hard Way to Make the Beers that People Want to Drink

John Harris has seen it all in his 36-year brewing career—huge process improvements, giant shifts in ingredient quality and range, and a parade of trends that continues today—but the through line in his long career is figuring out how to connect consumers to flavorful beer.

Podcast Episode 254: Direct Fire! Weldwerks Founder Neil Fisher Takes Listener Brewing Questions

In this new bonus format for the podcast, Weldwerks founder Neil Fisher takes your direct questions on brewing everything from thick stouts to IPA and hefeweizen.