In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Fort Collins Brewery 1020 Pale Ale

Aroma: “Mineral malt and strong bready yeast aromas at the forefront with a touch of peppery spice and esters of pear and peach. Hops are less pronounced than some examples, and yield a fairly subdued nose overall.”

Flavor: “A straightforward pale malt bill with strong bitterness and mellow citrus hops notes. Hops flavors tend toward grassy, with a bit of grapefruit accentuating the bitterness. Very light bread flavors, some sweet esters detract from crisp finish.”

Overall: “Delightfully restrained and drinkable beer on the ‘Extra Pale’ end of the category. Hops character is unusual for Pale Ale, but fun, clean. and enjoyable. There’s more sweetness in the aftertaste than the color indicates. Crisp bitterness keeps me coming back for another sip.”