In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Brasserie St. James 1904

Aroma: “Banana, white pepper, and orange citrus. A nice Brett character comes through with a light citrus lactic tartness. An interesting corn-chip, Cheerios, biscuit note at the back end with hints of oak woodiness.”

Flavor: “Big banana and orange, plus peppery phenols. A nice citrus fruity sweetness plus hints of peach. The funk gives it a nice blend of complexity. Some lemon notes hit and carry through. Almost white wine–like, with light tartness and fruitiness. A touch of tannin character lends to the white-wine comparison. Subtle minerality and alcohol warmth.”

Overall: “Lots of sweetness along with the strength and lower carbonation leaves a bit of a syrupy finish. Banana character is a bit out of style, and the sweetness amplifies it. A bit astringent in the finish with higher alcohol harshness and excessive woody notes.”