In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Grimm Brothers Brewhouse 3 Golden Hairs

Aroma: “Overall, a very subdued aroma, with some spice and earthiness up front. Malt sweetness, almost burnt caramel and butter, mixes with subtle yeast esters of light pear and apple. Some herbal hops notes of orange and pepper, but very restrained.”

Flavor: “There is a lot of spice in this beer—cinnamon-like, earthy, woody, and floral—from the hops. The prominent bitterness envelops the malt sweetness with the yeast esters and balances nicely. Medium body, finishes dry, light, and refreshing.”

Overall: “This beer had some complexity, with its caramel notes and spicy hops, but is slightly off balance. Though a refreshing beer in its own right, it’s a bit more pronounced than some lighter Pilsner examples.”