In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Prison City 4 Piece Pale Ale Simcoe

Aroma: “It starts with floral aromas and lemon highlighting things. But we had to tease that out because it’s fairly subtle for the style. As it warms, a cracker-like malt plays second fiddle to orange, tangerine, and general citrus with a touch of a soapy character.”

Flavor: “Light body with a touch of wheat malt-like sweetness. Hops bring lemon and peach with a slightly grassy note. Bitterness is low-medium and lingers. Then comes a hoppy pineapple character with some dank undertones with an earthy mushroom-like flavor. Thin body with a lack of chewiness that the style is known for. Toward the end of the sip there’s a light green coffee spiciness. Finish tends toward sweet, which accents the high fruit hop contribution.”

Overall: “Substantial, high hop flavor without excessive bitterness. Hops and grain bill lend a sweetness to the finish.”