In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Saint Arnold Brewing Company 5 O’Clock Pils

Aroma: “Low fruity esters of citrus and peach, with some floral and spicy hops notes as it opens up. Some background sulfur and mineral notes, with slight biscuit and a malt sweetness that sits in the back.”

Flavor: “The malt sweetness surprises on the taste and carries through to the finish. Biscuit and honey-like sweetness up front with some peach esters throughout and complementary orange and lemon. The hops provide a nice complexity of spice and earthy character, and the carbonation finishes clean and dry.”

Overall: “A curious beer with some unique flavors. Leans more malty, but still light and refreshing. The aroma is less hoppy than expected, with the mineral notes. Despite the generous head, the carbonation level seems a touch less lively than desired. The lingering hops bitterness is refreshing, makes me want another sip.”