In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Against the Grain A Beer

Aroma: “Light, clean pine hops aroma with a touch of lavender, oregano, and light stone-fruit character (fresh peach and cherry) mixed with low grassiness. As it starts to warm, an underlying candy sweetness emerges. Medium bready malt background. Massive head, so the initial impression has a considerable carbonic bite.”

Flavor: “Soft, subtle light fruit from the malt (pineapple, candy sugar) pairs nicely with the rich hops character that displays pine, grass, strawberry, and hints of citrus and/or lemon balm. The bitterness is very restrained, but it works well in this case. Moderate carbonation helps keep the bitterness on top of the malt sweetness.”

Overall: “Sessionable, very tasty, nicely balanced, and complex enough to be anything but boring. Easy-drinking but flavorful. Clean and subtle.”