In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Brewery Ommegang Abbey Ale

Aroma: “Moderate fruitiness with low banana, low sweetness, raisins, and a touch of honey. Slight alcohol note. Slight bready note. Medium malt underneath a complex ester mix. Bananas up front are followed by plums and raisins and a peppery phenolic aroma.”

Flavor: “Some caramel, banana, and clove. Sweet malt with a somewhat dry finish. High carbonation with plum and raisin notes. Slight alcohol bite as it goes into the aftertaste. Curious lime-like notes as well create an unexpected but enjoyable fruity bright note.”

Overall: “The fruity note is bright and balanced with the medium hops-like notes. Slight grapefruit-like note that continues through the aftertaste. Malt sweetness provides a solid backbone for the other flavors, but a touch more oomph in the flavor would make the beer stand out even more.”