In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Perennial Artisan Ales Abraxas

Aroma: “Moderate chile spice note up front with a moderate chocolate note and medium alcohol. Like a chile chocolate bar. Some light fruit esters (pear or apple). Spicy aroma, both from chiles and a bit of cinnamon and earthy cumin. Some malt brings toffee, cocoa, and vanilla to the mix.”

Flavor: “Moderate spice up front with cinnamon and chile flavor. Big chocolate notes, similar to a mole. Light chile spice toward the end of the sip but not overpowering—the flavor seems to be greater than the chile spice. Sweet full chocolate flavors followed by medium sharp chile heat and some cocoa that lingers to mix with the late arriving chile flavor, lasting into the finish.”

Overall: “Moderate sweetness with a medium chile flavor and a touch of spice. In the beginning the spice seems overpowering but as it warms, the chile flavor comes out and the spice steps aside. Sweet and rich desert beer.”