In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Abita Brewing Company Amber

Aroma: “Sweet toasty malt, brown sugar notes, and some buttery toffee. Hops are light, woody, and spicy. Balanced nose, but leans slightly toward malt. A hint of metallic twang. Clean lager aroma.”

Flavor: “Smooth, clean malt with light toast notes. Sweet, bready, and crackery. Soft hop bitterness falls away in the finish to leave a fading malt sweetness. No-frills hop flavor. Crisp finish without much aftertaste.”

Overall: “Slight notes of diacetyl and a light hand with the bittering hops make this a smooth, enjoyable beer. Would pair well with spicy dishes. A very approachable craft lager. Good, but not overly simple. Cleanly brewed and won’t scare off new craft beer drinkers.”