Style: Barley Wine

ABV: 14.0 IBU: 42

Aroma: 12
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 20
Mouthfeel: 5

Side Project Anabasis

What the brewers say

“Anabasis is our barleywine that was brewed with American malts and hops, but fermented with a strong English ale strain to provide rich toffees, fruity hops, with a strong leathery caramel backbone. Bourbon, vanilla, and gentle oxidation showcase the 24 months of bourbon-barrel aging.”

What our panel thought

Aroma: “Vanilla, stewed apple, a bit musty, wet oak barrel, and a touch of smoke. Evident roast character with molasses and vanilla. The underlying beer is full of dark chocolate, dark fruit, plum, and raisin.”

Flavor: “Lots of syrupy dark chocolate, spicy alcohol, and vanilla with a hint of coffee. Dark fruit is akin to a chocolate- covered cherry. Those notes yield to a nice plum and grape flavor with some almond and licorice in the middle.”

Overall: “A rich and exquisite beer that toes the line between barleywine and strong porter, with notes reminiscent of barleywines aged in third-use barrels (after stouts). Darker malt character and dark-fruit esters with bourbon and vanilla flavors that linger into the aftertaste. Powerfully engaging.”



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