In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Off Color Brewing Apex Predator

Aroma: “Big hoppy aroma, perhaps American hops with a touch of pine and light earthiness. As it warms, less hops and more lemon fruitiness. Juicy tangerine, passion fruit, and white grape from esters and hops.”

Flavor: “Fruit-forward from a mix of esters and hops. Slightly tart throughout with light bready malt sweetness up front and in the finish. Finish moderately dry with a bit of aspirin-like bitterness from yeast bite. The fruitiness is the star of the show.”

Overall: “Hops are featured in this beer with the fruity, lemon notes in the background. Spicy and light earthy notes cover up the esters. May be a bit young—some sulfur in the aroma and yeast bite in the flavor. Phenols are very low, but a nice juicy saison with tropical fruitiness that shines through the flavor. Very drinkable—a very good beer.”