Style: Quadrupel

ABV: 10.7

Aroma: 12
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 19
Mouthfeel: 4

Elevation Beer Co. Apis IV

What the brewers say

“An homage to the honeybees of Colorado who provided the caramelized honey we use to make this beer, it is designed to be the perfect way to enjoy a cool Colorado summer night.”

What our panel thought

Aroma: “Rich, dark crystal-malt sweetness, with hints of toffee and caramel. Rich and somewhat subtle dark-fruit character (plum, cherry, prune, raisin). More malt than fruit. Slight spicy hops note up front.”

Flavor: “Malt dominates, mostly caramel and toffee from darker crystal malts. Well-blended, dark stone fruit (plum, cherry, prune, raisin). Medium carbonation and a mild alcohol warmth. Some spicy hops character. Good blend, finishes a touch sweet, but easy drinking.”

Overall: “More dark malt character than most other examples of the style, but the variation is creative and works. Nice, but subtle, flavor of dark-fruit esters with dried-fruit notes (apricot) and slight banana. It is a very sweet quad, and some may find the sweetness cloying. It’s a very nice example of a quad with an intriguing complexity to the malt character.”



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