In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Hill Farmstead Brewery Arthur

Aroma: “Light sweetness, a touch of grapefruit, pear and lemon, and a hint of floral rose and iris. The aroma is slightly bready with the expected white-pepper spice, and a mild funk says “Brett.”

Flavor: “Tart note up front with strong grapefruit and lime notes. Moderate carbonation amplifies the acidity and creates a puckering finish with a slight peach sweetness transitioning to a dry Lacto finale. Pear and lemon, dry stone-fruit flavors, and funky earthy Brett.

Overall: “Moderate acidity and a strong bitterness toward the end make this a beer for aficianados more than casual drinkers. Very complex with pear, citrus, and slight floral notes. Finishes with a palate cleansing dryness that’s very drinkable. Funky, earthy, and rustic notes are well-balanced with the strong citrus lime notes, and the creamy head is nice to see. Acidity was strong but not too strong. One of the more drinkable beers we’ve tried.”