In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Left Coast Brewing Company Asylum

Aroma: “The nose is all about malt with toasted grain and graham crackers right up front. There’s a caramel malt sweetness, along with some melanoidin. Some cardboard and cat piss from oxidation and a bit of herbal hops aroma.”

Flavor: “Strongly oxidized—sherry, cardboard, and peanuts. Big rich malt centered on melanoidin and caramel with some fruit and spicy alcohol notes, but not much of the usual pepper-spice character. Sweet malt character lingers into the finish with a bit of bitterness. Needs more carbonation. The biscuit and oxidized character deliver a competing dryness that helps to balance things out somewhat.”

Overall: “Some odd aromas and flavors. Way out of style and a beer that is most likely past its prime. On its own, this might be a hard beer to enjoy, but pair it with a nice dulce de leche or flan, and you’d have an enjoyable combination.”