In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Creature Comforts Athena

Aroma: “Nice fruit esters with some sweat-socks notes, followed by a mix of wheat malt and mild funk that builds over time. A light lactic aroma with pale Pilsner malt notes, some lemon rind with a hint of pith, and a hint of hops that comes through mostly as grapefruit or tangerine. Pretty subdued aromas.”

Flavor: “Grapefruit with a moderate lemon and melon note that transitions into a sour, light puckering finish. The nice, balanced apple and peachy sour continues well after the sip has finished. Very crisp, with high carbonation and a medium malty sweet wheat body.

Overall: “Refreshing, with a good balanced amount of delicate fruits, grapefruit and pith sourness, and carbonation. The flavors of this beer came together well. There was a nice acidity balanced with a good body, and it’s everything that I expect from a Berliner.”