In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Bard's Tale Beer Company Bard's Gold

Aroma: “Candy aromas dominate, rem- iniscent of Sweet Tarts and Smarties. Very low spicy hops with an intriguing spice aroma. Cooked honey and a white-grape-like sweetness with a little sharpness.”

Flavor: “Mostly grain sweetness up front, almost candy-like, followed by a medium level of hops bitterness with a dry, sharp, highly carbonated, mostly balanced finish. Very subtle earthy spiced hops note. Nice tartness. The beer has a dry wine character with some fruity sweetness.”

Overall: “This beer provides some sweet flavors with a dry finish. There’s a bit of candy-like sweetness, perhaps from the gluten-free malts. Wine-like and high in carbonation, this beer could use more hops aromatics to make it more beer-like; tastes like a lightly hopped rice beer.”