In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Fremont Brewing Barrel-Aged Dark Star, Coffee Edition

Aroma: “Thick mocha shake—creamy coffee-chocolate combo with a nice spicy alcohol nose. Moderate roast and plum, touch of cherry. Perhaps a touch of cinnamon.”

Flavor: “Moderate dark chocolate with a lighter body than expected. High coffee notes with an earthy, peppery note. Light vanilla note toward the end of the sip. High carbonation doesn’t create a bite but perhaps masks a slight alcohol note. Slightly smoky and touch of cinnamon, notes of nutmeg, smooth warming alcohol with a bit of spice. Good oak woodiness without going too tannic. Finishes medium-dry with a touch of heat and carb bite.”

Overall: “This imperial stout has a big earthy/woodsy barrel character. It’s lighter than expected with a coffee/chocolate-forward note. Alcohol warming but not hot. Nice mocha flavor, big and smooth. A well made coffee beer. Everything comes together nicely.”