In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Reuben's Brews Barrel Aged Stout

Aroma: “Strong chocolaty sweetness with vanilla, bourbon, some light cherry, raisin, and plum, plus a touch of mercaptan or plastic. Light oak and lots of malt sweetness, but with some roasted malt and smoke, too.”

Flavor: “A mix of chocolate sweetness and sweet dark fruit (plum/prune) carries through. Moderate vanilla, caramel, leather, and smoke. Strong bourbon carries through the finish, along with some molasses sweetness and medium alcohol. Thick, chewy body, and a sweetness that lingers. A bit of umami/soy sauce in the aftertaste, with bitter hops and alcohol warmth.”

Overall: “When the beer was cold, the chocolate, molasses, and sweetness were more in balance with the umami/soy sauce notes. As it warms, the alcohol dominates. The dark fruits were strong and flavorful, like a dried fruit cocktail, with layers of flavors to enjoy.”