In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Oliver's Cider & Perry Bitter Sweet Funk

Aroma: “Big Brett complexity with notes of horse blanket, damp leather, tobacco, light apple, and grape. A moderate amount of oak. Big red apple and wild barn.”

Flavor: “Big lacto sour notes and strong bitterness with a touch of acetic. Very, very oaky with strong Brett notes of horse blanket and leather, but watered down, VERY astringent—apples are lurking in the background, offering a bit of cider vinegar character and fruitiness, but no brightness at all. Obvious oak, could use a touch more sweet apple. Acidity is fun and varied with great aged character.”

Overall: “This is more of a sour with apple than a cider with sour character, as the sour character significantly overshadows any apple characteristics present. Flavor picks up the Brett with an apple background, but it’s polariz- ing—you’ll either find it fantastic or a disappointment.”