In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Big Boss Brewing Company Blood Orange High Roller IPA

Aroma: “The first impression is the malt sweetness: caramel verging on butter, graham cracker, and toast. Then comes a bit of orange marmalade, fresh citrus, with honey sweetness, spicy phenols, and yeasty esters of pear and apple. Not much hops, aside from a bit of dankness.”

Flavor: “Malt-forward, with sweet caramel and graham cracker, and mixed with the orange, makes it taste like orange cream candy in a box of mixed chocolates. The hops bitterness, with a touch of floral and earth, is just strong enough to keep this beer from being sticky. A hint of yeast esters and spice, and light carbonation.”

Overall: “This is like a dessert beer, as if someone poured a Grand Marnier into an IPA. A unique take on a fruited IPA, leaning more toward a classic English or East Coast IPA with a healthy amount of citrus to add sweetness and brightness. That said, it’s not much of an IPA with the downplayed hops and too much caramel sweeetness.”