In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Boulevard Brewing Company Boss Tom’s Golden Bock

Aroma: “Spicy, somewhat resinous hops aroma. Malt is less assertive, like lightly toasted bread. A touch of oxidation detracts from the Pils malt character.”

Flavor: “Soft, slightly soapy, even thin malt. Light malt is the strongest component. Some oxidized notes. Medium, balanced hop bitterness with a kiss of hop flavor. Harsh bitterness in the finish and a bit of ethanol, too. Clean lager finish.”

Overall: “The hops bitterness dominates the flaccid malt character. The finish is astringent and harsh. This is mostly a mild delivery mechanism for alcohol, but watered down enough not to be dangerous. Easy-drinking and fairly refreshing, but one-dimensional.”