In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Goose Island Brewery Bourbon County Brand Stout Regal Rye 2015

Aroma: “Strong chocolate, light cherry, touch of plum, moderate candi syrup, moderate date, raisins, figs, port. Rich sweetness with a moderate Belgium fruitiness. Reminds me of a barleywine with a touch too much chocolate. Moderate alcohol note Bourbon sweetness, more corn than vanilla.”

Flavor: “High fruitiness up front with a high cherry note. Strong acidity, moderate chocolate, fig, and vanilla, big sweetness, port notes. A bit of coffee and chocolate at the end of the sip. A well-attenuated and huge beer. Strong bourbon character with some coffee-like notes. Spicy.”

Overall: “Fun chocolate- and dark fruit–dominated beer. Even with the sweetness, the body is light and bright with the nice acidity and strong fruit notes. So many big pieces come together to make this beer. The bourbon character is very strong throughout. This is one of the more interesting beers we’ve had.”