In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery Bourbon Dark Apparition

Aroma: “A beautiful blend of vanilla and roasted coconut with great chocolate, roasty undercurrent. Some sweet alcohol notes are pleasant, but foreboding. The roast sits behind the prominent barrel character with some chocolate and cherry notes.”

Flavor: “Rich, juicy, and chewy throughout with a strong umami profile indicative of being nicely aged. Complex blend of perceived earthy, salty, soy-sauce, vanilla, and coconut components. Some low level esters reside underneath, but are well blended. Finishes relatively dry with some contribution from the tannins likely. Some chocolate, slight coffee, and dark fruits are present.”

Overall: “This beer requires one’s place of ultimate comfort to sip on a quiet evening. It’s contemplative and enveloping, and wonderfully features smooth chocolate, vanilla, and roasted coconut with an almost salty richness. Well crafted and well presented.”