In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Odell Brewing Company Brazzle

Aroma: “Light berry notes with sour- ness, slight malt sweetness, a touch of Brett funk and pineapple, light acidity. Some nice lactic sour notes.”

Flavor: “Sour, but not overly so. Enjoy- able malt complements the sourness, with no real bitterness to speak of. Some light berry notes and cherry-like fruit fla- vors add complexity with a touch of Brett funk that pulls it all together. Moderate puckering up front that subsides quickly. Medium herbal note and long-lingering berry notes with a bit of tannin.”

Overall: “A nice, not-too-crazy drinkable sour. Sour characteristics are strong with the berries providing some structur- al tannins and rounder malic acid. The Brett delivers through the middle before the malt finishes things out. Once this beer warms, it has a medium raspberry or herbal note, and I wished for just a little more sweetness to balance it out.”