In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Breckenridge Brewery Breck IPA

Aroma: “Intense orange and zest with light lemony character and faint grassiness. Candied sweetness akin to General Tso’s chicken sauce (without the chicken). A touch of malty sweetness and faint estery notes that may be yeast or hops. A very unique and curious aroma for the style.”

Flavor: “Juicy orange flavors, followed by moderate caramel and a long, pleasant bitterness. Similar to aroma, the hops flavor is floral and slightly herbal with a bit of that butterscotch-candy flavor up front. Prominent bitterness, but cut by the malt so as not to induce dry mouth.”

Overall: “An enjoyable IPA that hints at adventure but ultimately remains cautious (in a good way). Lovely orange character is refreshing—a unique and tasty IPA that would stand out from other more citrus-hop-driven IPAs of current popularity. The touch of banana in the middle is interesting and works with the toasty notes.”