In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Deep Ellum Brett Pale ale

Aroma: “Has a sweet and sour start with dark cherries, light horse blanket, and a borderline vinegar aroma. There’s big lactic acidity, light toasted malt and no hop aroma.”

Flavor: “Moderate lactic acidity is well-balanced by the toasted malt character. Very light tartness on the finish. Cherry and lemon esters, possibly from the hops, add a light bitterness and a slightly astringent finish that likely comes from malt tannin. A creamy lactic sourness checks the touch of sweetness in the body. Most will find this funky and tart, trending toward wild ale territory.”

Overall: “Odd but drinkable. The sourness is contained as the Brett characters blend well with the lactic. It’s wild and woody but not a lot of hop character. Not as sour as the aroma indicated, and that’s a good thing.”