In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Hardywood Park Cassowary

Aroma: “Fantastic milky-sweet aroma that reminds me of a coffee hot chocolate, with evident earthy roast character in the back. Lots fruity esters ranging from plum, raisin, and even a touch of banana. The sweet aroma dominates, with no perceived alcohol or hops presence.”

Flavor: “A wonderful chocolate milk flavor dominates and coats the mouth up front. The roast comes in secondary but quickly turns to this complex stone fruit flavor of prunes with a date-like sweetness. The sweetness and fruity esters linger into the finish with an ever-so-slight roast character that provides a great balance. The body is really nice on this beer and carbonation carries the beer well. It’s a fantastic creamy imperial.”

Overall: “This is a complex beer, with roast character that’s balanced with an evident sweetness and fruity esters that are in perfect harmony. The body carries really well. It’s a unique and intense beer that brings some different flavors to the imperial stout party.”