In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Blue Point Brewing Company Citrus Plunge IPA

Aroma: “Complex orange aroma, ranging from fresh-squeezed juice to bright zest to deep pith. Hops aromas are complementary, lending spice, peppercorn, resin, and a bit of dorm-room haze. Lightly toasted malt in the background, with honey, floral, and sweet notes.”

Flavor: “Intense orange flavors, with some incredible depth, bringing in flavors from the entire fruit, yet managing not to dominate. The thick, dank hops flavor adds a nice blend of bitterness and citrus. The dry malt character adds sweetness and some honey at the finish.”

Overall: “Enjoyable, lively, and full-flavored, with a great balance of fruit, hops, and malt. The beer doesn’t disappoint in delivering the orchard to your mouth. The blend of orange- blossom honey and zest is great, and the way they used the entire fruit, without letting it dominate the beer, is excellent.”