In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Adelbert's Brewery Contemplating Waterloo

Aroma: “Juniper and pine, lots of banana, and a bit of pepper. The wood and barrel character are very present as well. Slight fruity sweetness on the back and a strong booze character. Mild floral and cedar aromas.”

Flavor: “Big banana and banana peel with herbal juniper and pine plus pepper in the background. The piney gin character hits first but transitions smoothly into orange notes. Finishes dry with a pine taste lingering. Slightly under-carbonated.”

Overall: “I really like the herbal gin characteristics and the tart carbonated finish. This is a really interesting beer—complex and nuanced—but I’d love a bit less banana and sweetness. It’s like a gin/beer cocktail throughout. Wonderful complexity between the malt sweetness and the earthiness of the juniper-berry flavor.”