In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Creature Comforts Brewery Cosmik Debris 2017

Aroma: “Slight orange creamsicle. Medium mango and pineapple. A touch of onion and dankness, but in a good way. A light piney, floral character as it warms. Some malt sweetness.”

Flavor: “Heavy on the grapefruit rind with a healthy amount of dankness and slight onion. A touch of malt sweetness keeps the hops from taking over. An assertive bitterness provides some balance without getting aggressive. Light spices are well balanced with the bitterness.”

Overall: “An assertive beer that hits some nice notes without being too daunting. Juicy flavor with pine and light dank notes balanced by a moderate bitterness that extends throughout the taste. I would love to pair this beer with a large wedge of sharp cheddar cheese.”