In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Otter Creek Brewing Co. Couch Surfer

Aroma: “Toasty malt and dark chocolate. A bit roasty, almost smoky. A nice roasty malt sweetness. Slight nuttiness. Slight dark cherry esters underneath. ”

Flavor: “Moderate sweetness slowly fades into a firm but balanced bitterness. Dark chocolate and toasted malt are forefront with creamy oats supporting. Moderately dry finish with lingering acidity from the roasted malt. Medium body, light chewiness. Silky smooth and chewy throughout.”

Overall: “Very easy to drink with the oats supporting the toasted and dark chocolate malt character. Maybe a bit dry and somewhat acidic in the finish. Enjoyable stout with some nice sweetness and roast character. Well balanced on all accounts—the roast is well balanced by the silkiness from the oats, and the chocolate and cherry round things out and add to the complexity.”