In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


New Belgium Brewing Dayblazer

Aroma: “Like a fruit orchard in spring. There’s moderate bready malt with very light bread crust. Slight grassy, citrus, and herbal hops. Very clean.”

Flavor: “Simple but balanced. It starts off with moderately low sweetness and blossoms into a low hops bitterness but with a dry finish that’s crisp and refreshing. There’s a lot to like from citrus and melon hops, toasted malt, apple and pear esters, somewhat mineraly bitterness, and a mildly cloying sweet finish. Moderate carbonation gives it a bit of bite.”

Overall: “This is your classic summer refresher. Simple but very drinkable. Balance of light bready malt and Old School grassy and herbal hops. We’ll say it again: well-balanced and well-crafted.”