In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Kannah Creek Brewing Company Demise of Ivan

Aroma: “Woody, earthy, and roasty, all fairly balanced against one another. Some very dark fruit esters underneath as well as some coffee tones, slight chocolate, and roasted-malt character.”

Flavor: “The ester fruitiness dominates this beer and a subtle smoky phenolic character works okay with the roasted malt. Relatively tart malt profile, maybe even cranberry tart. The earthiness and wood tannins support the tartness once your palate acclimates. A slight vanilla sweetness shows up mid-palate and lingers. Some roast and chocolate in the back. Nice sweetness with a good finish and slight warmth.”

Overall: “ Creative take on the BA imperial stout style but in a really fun way. The unique level of tartness somehow works with everything else. The fruit character is interesting.”