In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


KC Bier Co. Der Bauer

Aroma: “Orange, tangerine, lemon, and white grape with peppery spice. Earthy hops aromas (lemongrass, onion, slight citrus). Peppery phenolics. Bready malt. Saison character hiding behind the hops.”

Flavor: “Bucket o’ melon, orange, peach, bready malt, spicy and drying alcohol, bone-dry finish assisted by the alcohol. Spicy pepper phenolics. Moderately low sweetness with moderate bitterness.”

Overall: “A wonderfully dry-hopped saison with New School hops from the Old World. The hops character blends seamlessly with the esters from the yeast. Quite citrus-forward but balanced.”