In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Green Flash Brewing Company Dia De Los Serranos

Aroma: “Bright chile note up front with a slight fruity (cherries and peaches) characteristic. Low smoke note, similar to pit smoke. Light chocolate with a hint of roast.”

Flavor: “Cumin and other Mexican spices up front remind me of enchiladas. Chocolate malt first, but then it steps aside for a strong perfumed chile flavor with a delicate flash of heat. After a moment to savor the pepper, the chocolate comes back with a touch of roast. The finish revives the slight burn, this time with an alcohol edge, but overall it’s a mild heat.”

Overall: “I would pair this with Mexican food, although with the bigger body it would pair best with something that does not include a lot of cheese. Nice flow of flavors paces through chocolate then spices then a burst of chile heat. Enjoyable, simple, and straightforward spiced stout that with only a mildly complex chile mole character.”