In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Three Taverns Double Smack

Aroma: “Rich and weird, but in a good way. Very breakfast-y with the coffee and maple syrup, and the banana adds a distinctive note that works well with the boozy barrel character.”

Flavor: “Crazy and bit disorienting with the first taste. There are a lot of flavors vying for attention all at once. Quite sweet, but this is offset by the spicy roastiness from the coffee. The banana helps pull things together by adding a richness between the dryer character of the coffee and oak. The finish has strong licorice and vanilla character, with lingering maple-syrup sweetness.”

Overall: “The brewery put the entire Shoney’s breakfast bar in a beer glass! It’s like licking dried syrup off the bacon spatula and washing it down with some black coffee and bourbon.”