In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Moylan's Brewing Company Dragoons Dry Irish Stout

Aroma: “Rich chocolate and cocoa. Nice sweet malt character with some esters. Light toffee, dark cherry, a little musky, pleasant roast, some burnt husk character. Coffee, chocolate, and toast malt aromas dominate.”

Flavor: “Nice roast profile with some acidic bitterness. Coffee, chocolate, and cocoa. A little light bodied compared to the nose and missing a touch of mouthfeel, though otherwise balanced. Dry finish is a little surprising after the big chocolate nose, and roasty bitterness lingers. A little tart in the finish, which is refreshing.”

Overall: “Nice roast character with sweet creaminess. A good profile of the chocolate and cocoa. It’s a subdued and approachable stout that one could drink in great quantities and still retain one’s dignity. Very much what an Irish stout should be.”