In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Schlafly / The Saint Louis Brewery Dry Hopped APA

Aroma: “Citrus and pine with notes of grapefruit peel and tangerines and no real malt or yeast character. Interesting, yet straightforward hops choices. Nice and piney, with a light dankness and some pleasant citrus character.”

Flavor: “Grapefruit and orange rind with a bit of pine and lemon sits atop a clean fermentation and very little malt backbone. Finish is dry and a touch bitter but doesn't linger. Put together well with nice bright flavors, hops, and malt that play off each other nicely.”

Overall: “Pretty classic example, with just a bit more bitterness than is typical for the style, but not overwhelming and still enjoyable. Lots of citrus and a bit less hops complexity as a result, but great for the style. A nice bright beer with conventional hops, but well executed and quite drinkable. Great example of the style.”