In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


KC Bier Co. Dunkel

Aroma: “Moderate toasty and bread-crust malt. Slightly nutty. Grassy, grainy malt, with slight dark chocolate. Subtle noble/spicy hops. Light dried prune and raisin, too.”

Flavor: “Toasty, bready crust, and nutty come through in the flavor as well. There’s also a hint of caramel. Moderate sweetness carries through into the finish with low bitterness. Grassy, grainy malt, bread crust, coffee, medium-full body with semisweet finish. Slight noble, floral, spicy hops. Well-balanced. Crisp finish with a slight lingering sweetness but not cloying.”

Overall: “A wonderful malt complexity with a clean lager fermentation. Perhaps drier and roastier than a prototypical dunkel should be, but still a very enjoyable dark lager.”