In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Avery El Gose

Aroma: “Sweet rosy floral notes and pepper, with a bit of tartness coming through as lemon zest, but pretty subtle overall. A hint of sulfur and minerality as well, but it’s not necessarily off-putting, just a bit distracting. Slightly dank and musty with moderate bready malt, and a hint of evergreen hops.”

Flavor: “A sharper tartness up front, with just a hint of funk, that dissipates quickly and gives way to a bit of lemon and floral notes. Medium-light body with a touch of malt sweetness. Some of the hops bitterness includes grapefruit and evergreen—the grapefruit goes well with the spicy notes of pepper and nutmeg. The saltiness is there but fits comfortably into the mix. The finish is dry, with a slightly bitter finish.”

Overall: “Fairly refreshing, but the bitterness could be toned down just a hair to reduce the lingering grapefruit aftertaste. There’s not much aroma but slight astringency. Dry and refreshing.”