In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Almanac Brew Co. Elephant Heart de Brettaville

Aroma: “Big hops, light minerality, big plum, big apricot, touch of black pepper. The wine/Brett combination has a depth of expression that I like. Heavy barnyard funk. A pleasant fruity, juicy hops note, with strawberries, peach, and light citrus.”

Flavor: “Earthy Brett character layered on top of vanilla and wine from barrel aging. The aroma did not prepare me for this beer—a punch of tart, coupled with a heavy amount of plum was a bit of a curve ball from the heavy-handed Brett and hops in the aroma. Still a healthy amount of funk that works well with the acidity and fruit. ”

Overall: “Fun, fruity, barrel-aged saison. The sour culture is dominant, but the oak backbone gives it structure for the acidity and fruit to hang from. An incredibly complex beer that zigs one way and zags another, like a fast-ball pitcher with a nasty change-up. I like to be surprised and this beer did it perfectly.”