In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


La Cumbre Brewing Company Elevated IPA

Aroma: “A grove of evergreen orange trees. A touch of toffee-like malt, but the aroma always comes back to the hops—citrusy with low pine in the background and low malt sweetness.”

Flavor: “Orange and pine carry over from the aroma and saturate the flavor profile. Clean hops flavors, a kiss of caramel, and a nicely balanced bitterness make a beautiful impression on the palate. A drier IPA with fruit notes of grapefruit and lime. Low malt note to round out the flavor. The carbonation and lime notes at the end create a surprising bite, but not in a bad way. Almost a slight hint of a roast character. The juiciness of this beer is alluring.”

Overall: “Just a nice IPA. The hop profile is simple but admirably executed. Grapefruit and citrus lemon notes with an mild onion note that lingers in the background and adds depth without overpowering the taste. The juicy character of the hops is really enjoyable in this beer. A great American IPA that I would drink any time—a solid go-to.”