In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Evil Twin Brewing Even More Jesus

Aroma: “Heavy charred roast, with a little smoke on the nose that’s similar to burned leaves—a bit metallic. An interesting dankness adds a charred resin character, and the earthy aroma up front is of wood with slight sardine. The esters are dancing from the head, made up of plum and prune with some cloves.”

Flavor: “A significant mineral character up front with a secondary note of some dark chocolate roast. Heavy roasted notes, earthy dankness, light chocolate, espresso, and tobacco. The earthiness carries throughout with a slightly salty finish that lingers in conjunction with the roast. Esters of clove, dark fruit, and spice emerge as it warms. The carbonation is a touch high, but it cuts through the sweetness. The medium body dissipates rather quickly. Well balanced and intriguing.”

Overall: “Singularly unique and complex, like drinking a cup of hot chocolate through a burned-out, charred wooden hash pipe—but that’s not a bad thing. The slightly salty seafood aroma paired with the earthy flavor was a bit unbalanced with the other far more nuanced flavors that were present. You have your roast, your fruits, your spices, and your sweetness in a supportive environment. Very easy to drink.”