In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Allagash Brewing Company Farm to Face

Aroma: “Like walking past the peach display at the grocery store. Very subtle acidity to couple with the peach sweetness, but aroma comes through as sweeter than most fruited sours. First sniff was very apple-like, but with time, the apple shifts to peach or apricot.”

Flavor: “Incredible, delicate peach character, coming through as white peaches or white nectarines, with just a subtle tartness and acidity to balance the huge peach notes and sweetness. Sweetness comes through more from fruit than malt with tons of peach character in the finish.”

Overall: “The peach is dominant throughout the beer with acidity and light Brett hints supporting throughout. Lactic acid is primary with a touch of malic roundness. Incredible fruited sour, with the peach character jumping out of the glass. A bit sweeter and less tart than other fruited sours, but it really showcases the peach flavor.”