In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Fat Tire and Friends Fat Sour Apple Ale

Aroma: “Sweet red apple and tart green apple notes with a hint of lemon and a touch of biscuit malt sweetness. Spicy cinnamon notes, as well as a slightly vegetal/herbal character, and aromas of orchard and wet earth.”

Flavor: “Sweet and tart apple followed by subtle tartness develops into hints of biscuit malt sweetness. The acidity is definitely present, but not particularly sharp or tangy. A dry cidery bitter character contributes some grapefruit and citrus aftertaste. Clean and refreshing.”

Overall: “Simple by design, this beer is designed for enjoyment but not excessive analysis. The apple and earthy fermentation character makes it taste a bit like a lightly hopped Normandy cider, and the lingering acidity is more pronounced than in the flavor.”