In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Upright Brewing Fatali Four

Aroma: “Some mild buttery biscuit with a sweet herbal aroma. Light tangerine and white pepper, and sweet chile on the very back of the nose. A little funk.”

Flavor: “Starts with a delicate orangey lemon, then the spice of the chile gradually grows throughout the taste. Smoke paprika in the middle, and raspberry as the heat starts to build. The spice sticks in the back of the tongue and lingers. Some buttery and vegetal flavors in the finish.”

Overall: “The sweetness up front helps to balance the chile spice that carries throughout the rest of the taste. The chile flavor is strong throughout, so if you like chile beer this would be one to try. Slight funk is a nice complexity but finishes with a strong hot spice that lingers throughout. Great fruity components equalize the pepper heat.”