In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Wicked Weed Brewing Fille de Ferme

Aroma: “Barnyard and sweaty pineapple Brett funk, white grape, orange citrus, and a bit of spicy and floral in the background. Funky and earthy. Light spice in the back end.”

Flavor: “Sour throughout that builds and falls leaving a lingering acidity like after eating sour candy. Moderate carbonation and very dry finish. The honey character adds sweetness in the back. Light funk helps to cut the sweetness and clean the beer out in the finish. Like a glass of lemonade.”

Overall: “Very good citrus and tropical fruit complexity with the Brett funk. Pushes a bit past the farmhouse ale level of tart into full-on wild ale sourness, but a nice beer overall. The funk gets overpowered by the acidity. A unique and fun farmhouse beer with a heavy dose of Brett that’s well expressed and not too extreme.”