In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


August Schell Brewing Company FireBrick

Aroma: “Hops aroma is assertive for the style—earthy, woody and spicy. Big malt aroma is bready with crackers, some toast, and light caramel. Slight sulfur notes and a little ethanol keep it interesting.”

Flavor: “Soft sweet malt is quickly lightened by a crisp, balanced hops bitterness. Aftertaste of malt and lingering hops. Crisp lager finish leaves just a touch of bitterness.”

Overall: “Clean and refreshing without cloying malt sweetness. Hops in the middle of the palate are somewhat resinous, which should keep craft-beer drinkers happy. There’s a flash of excitement at the first swallow; then you’re left to figure out what happened. Clean and subtle. Flavors are spot on. I love this beer!”